Coastal Environmental Modeling

“minimizing footprint, maximizing value”
The World - IWC Coastal Environmental Modeling Services

Nowhere else is the delicate balance between man and nature more apparent or sensitive than along our coastlines and waterways. At IWC, we are stewards of the environment, and we translate this philosophy into all our projects and practices. We regularly apply our suite of coastal numerical modeling tools to assess the effect of marina and coastal protection schemes on wave, shoreline and hydrodynamic conditions. Issues such as downdrift coastal erosion, sedimentation/siltation and flushing/water quality are quantified by these tools to ensure the proposed solution minimizes its impact on the surrounding environment. By minimizing the environmental footprint, we are able to maximize the project value for our clients.


  • Site specific wind, wave, water level and currents?
  • What are the sedimentation/siltation rates?
  • What are the coastal flooding risks?
  • Where is the coastal setback limit?
  • How does the project alter the coastal environment?
  • Will breakwaters provide adequate wave protection?
  • Will wave agitation be problematic?
  • Will the water basin flush within acceptable limits?
  • Will stagnant water create unsightly water quality conditions?
  • How can the project’s positive impacts be enhanced?
  • Can these tools be used for permitting approval?


  • Storm Surge Modeling
  • Wave Propagation/Transformation Modeling
  • Wave Agitation Modeling
  • Hydrodynamic/Flushing Modeling
  • Sedimentation/Siltation Modeling
  • Shoreline Evolution Modeling
  • Beach Profile Modeling
  • Intake/Outfall Recirculation Modeling
  • EBS Assistance
  • EIS/EIA Assistance
  • EMP Assistance