Coastal & Marina Engineering & Design

“creative solutions to complex problems”
IWC - Marina Engineering & Design Services

Unlike many engineering disciplines, the complexities of the coastal and marine environment require specialist design skill sets. Fortunately, at IWC, we maintain the right skill sets to creatively develop solutions that address the design standards and conditions, function and performance, constructability, costs, and aesthetics. With licensed coastal engineering professionals leading IWC, our clients find comfort in the technical knowledge and ethical responsibility that comes with such accreditations.


  • What are the operational and extreme design parameters?
  • What is the appropriate design life of the project?
  • Which design standards will be followed?
  • What are the readily available construction materials?
  • How will marine corrosion affect the design?
  • Does the design address constructability issues?
  • Will land-based or marine-based plant be used?
  • Are the specifications adequate?
  • Are the drawings integrated with other disciplines?
  • Will architectural treatments improve aesthetics?
  • Will value engineering reduce costs?


  • Coastal & Marina Engineering
  • Marine/Civil Engineering
  • Breakwater and Floating Attenuator Design
  • Quay Wall and Revetment Design
  • Dredging/Reclamation Design
  • Fixed Pier and Floating Pontoon Design
  • Review of Architectural Plans (Yacht Club, Capitanerie)
  • Coastal Numerical Modeling
  • 1-D & 2-D Physical Modeling (RFP)
  • CAD Drafting/Visualization
  • Cost Estimating
  • Construction Contract Documentation
  • Technical & Performance Specifications
  • Value Engineering