Construction Supervision Services

Al Qarsana Island

As this stage covers the vast majority of the total project cost, owners must be assured that their investment is protected with the highest level of care and due diligence. Well written construction documents are proven to minimize cost overruns, scheduling delays, poor workmanship, and claims. At IWC, owners can rely on our team’s past expertise in marina and coastal construction, construction supervision, and contract administration to ensure that the workmanship and materials are to the highest standard, quality and international best practices.


  • Does the contract adequately protect the owner?
  • What bonds and insurances are required?
  • Who will administer the contract?
  • Is the contractor’s programme achievable?
  • Has the contractor submitted a method statement?
  • Has the contractor submitted a QA/QC plan?
  • Who handles the review of design submittals, drawings and materials?
  • Are the works proceeding on time and under budget?
  • Is the quality and workmanship acceptable?
  • Does the handover process include testing and commissioning of all elements?
  • Are warranties required for the works?


  • Construction Supervision
  • Contract Administration
  • Scheduling/Cost Control
  • Inspection of Works
  • Factory Visits
  • Quality Control/Quality Assurance
  • Testing and Commissioning
  • Contract Close-Out/Handover
  • O and M Manuals/Warranties Review
  • Taking Over Certificate