Expert Services

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International Waterfront Consultants - Expert Services

Risk, liability and claims are always a concern in any business endeavour. While legal professionals typically manage these concerns, the nature of the case or inquiry may also require specific technical expertise. Whether in need of an independent review of design works or expert assistance in legal court proceedings, IWC not only have the technical expertise and knowledge, but also maintain the ability to convey complex subject matter in clear, simple to understand language. We pride ourselves with honesty, impartiality and independent technical advice and counsel. Our expert witness work has proven invaluable to past clients.


  • How can our position be safeguarded?
  • Do we need an objective, independent review?
  • What are the qualifications of the expert?
  • Are the technical experts able to convey complex subjects in simple terms?


  • Expert Witness/Expert Testimony
  • Coastal/Marina Engineering Expert Reporting
  • Independent Third Party Reviews
  • Public Inquiries/Public Hearings
  • Stakeholder Engagement